Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fangirl time! Bookworm Brandee and robgirlbooks duel review Rock Chick Revenge by Kristen Ashley!

5 STARS!! The second you meet Luke you want more and Rock Chick Revenge gives us so much Luke, I'm drunk on him. He teased us with Roxie and nearly made me faint (if I were the fainting kind) with Jules, but once you meet Ave you know she's the only one for him. Bookworm Brandee and I have been buddy-reading Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series since we made a Superbowl bet and she lost (well, the Broncos lost-us blogger girls, we won). I found my Rock Chick in Roxie and now finally Brandee has found hers in Ava.

With all the criticism Ava grew up with from her mom and two sisters, she shouldn't have been able to remain a sweet and caring person. With all that Luke has seen and done in his life, he should be too much of a hard ass to want something as precious as the girl across the street when he was a kid. When the two meet up for the first time in years, the fireworks and attitude are off the charts. Keeping up with tradition, here's my chat with Branee about Rock Chick Revenge!

(Brandee) Okay, here are my initial thoughts and comments...

What was your reaction to Ava's visit to Nightingale Investigations? I was laughing at everyone being in on the joke and Shirleen telling Ava to just go with it!

I also laughed at Luke's entrance - and his comment 'too late again' but then I wanted to smack him with his seemingly unfeeling question to Ava!

So what do your Good and Bad Robyns wear? I'm thinking my G&B Brandees need a new wardrobe! ;)

How'd you feel about Luke's use of handcuffs right off the bat? Oh, and his Neanderthal'ing at the office?? Is he too pushy for you? Nah, me neither! I'm rather digging it! LOL

You know, I always wished I had a sister. But after how Ava's treated her - and seeing as how my little brother was such a schmuck, I'm thinking I'm glad I didn't.

I'm identifying quite a bit with Ava - being called fatty and four eyes. Although I didn't have a Luke to rescue me. I like that she chose to develop her sense of humor to cope rather than turning shy and quiet. 

Luke...well, I withhold judgement until I'm a little farther in. ;)

(Robyn) Okay, I'm typing this without my glasses on because I'm worried that if I'm wearing them I'll start reading more Rock Chick Revenge. And I need to sleep, but I also had to write back. 

Ava's good and bad angels rock the planet. Mine need a new wardrobe for sure. If I was honest they're probably in clothes circa 1985 since I haven't listened to them since I was a kid. 

Luke and the cuffs. I have no idea why Eddie's physical pushiness bothered me but Luke's makes me smile in a drunk way. Maybe because of the history between Luke and Ava and because we know he needs Ava to stay safe. Or maybe he's just really into cuffs. Yeah. I'm drunk smiling again. 

So you finally have your Rock Chick. I hate that you were teased like that. You didn't have Luke to save you because you saved your own dang self. 

You are not withholding judgement on Luke. You're mad about him in an Ava way. So go on and yell at your new book boyfriend and then swoon.

It took everything I had not to email you early, early this morning about Rock Chick. (or tweet at you) I have no idea where you are in the book - and I'll send a detailed email separately but I have to say that I have indeed found my Rock Chick. And Luke.............*sigh* The most surprising thing is that I've spent a great deal of time crying while reading this one. That's also how I know I've found my Rock Chick. Oh, and I'm not done yet. :)

No Rock Chick at all yet. And it's at a really good part (they're all really good parts)! Yay! You've found your Rock Chick. Roxie made me cry so much during her story so I get your tears. 

I cannot believe Ren. Holy goodness. Want. I cannot believe that Kristen Ashley spun everything on its head and put a bad guy in the mix. I know she's been playing with fire with Hector and Darius, but Ren is probably up for taking over his uncle's business. Right? And Ally wants him. She was yelling at him and wiping away his blood at the same time. And what about Mace? His story is set up. He lost track of the person he was guarding. Bad horny job. Man. 

I just love Good and Bad Ava's. They crack me up constantly. And the girl/girl wrestling scene had me laughing my butt off at the pool while the boys were taking their lessons. I had to put the Kindle down and laugh. 

I love the addition of Shirleen. I miss Indy and Tex and their brand of crazy, but Shrileen is almost an Indy/Tex combo but with Days of Our Lives in the mix.

Have you noticed that each Mr. Tough Guy Hottie throws around the word bitch? I don't like it and I want to hose each of them down with a fire hose whenever they use that word. One quick fire shot will do I think.

Is Luke taking over top spot for favorite Alpha or does Hank still hold the honors? Vance is still my number one, but I sure love how much he wants Ava.

Okay, that's my quick, not so quick Rock Chick check in. When are children able to fend for themselves? I need more reading time!

Sorry our Rock Chick convo is in separate emails. And I'm sorry I haven't sent many thoughts but I didn't want to ruin anything for you and I was reading a bit faster. BUT I wrote it all KNOW I did!

Shit - I can't remember where I left off, so I'm going with


Okay, I totally yelled at him a few (read: many) times. ;) But then, just like Ava, my knees went wobbly and I swooned. Yeah, I'm completely mad for him. And I don't like a 'tache but I'm totally digging on Luke.

You know who's super-fly? Luke Stark is super-fly!! I can't believe how much this man says with 'babe'. And when he does speak, the things that come out of his mouth...My knees are wobbly again. :)

How'd you feel about getting to see Mrs. Stark? Again, I love that the Hot Bunch, for the most part, come from decent families. Luke and his dad may not have gotten along but he was close to his Ma. 

What did you think when Ava said "Men suck,"..."They take everything. Everything." I thought it was a profound observation. But I love how Luke - well, especially Luke, but a few other men as well, showed her not ALL men suck.

So, at about 75% I think, Luke hadn't entirely won me over. I was waiting on him to say one thing...and then he totally said it. *swoon* And the confrontation with Ava's sisters...holy wow! I wanted to clap and I was totally balling my eyes out and jumping for you at the same time. 

I know we both love a strong heroine and Ava is strong. "Solid" as Luke said. But she just couldn't stand up to her mom and sisters. And I totally get that. So I didn't think less of her for that, at all. Because let's face it, she was pretty super-fly! That car chase scene when she's telling Noah off....anyway. So all the things that Luke said and did and standing up for her...but particularly standing up for her...that's how he won me over and I adored Ava for letting him 'save' her. Loved that scene afterwards (after the confrontation) too. ;)

Did you just melt at the fireman hold???

Ren...yeah, I kinda have a mini-crush. Yeah, I am delighted that KA worked a 'bad' boy into the mix. And it'd be fitting for him to win Ally. I hope we haven't seen the last of him. (I know who the next book is about but I haven't looked farther ahead than that)

I enjoyed the wrestling scene too - but I missed the bar brawl!! We could have at least had a throw-down with Ava's bitchy sisters. That would have been righteous! ;) 

How do you feel about throwing Olivia into the mix? And the bets on who's next?!? Laughing over that. Even Det. Marker getting in on it. 

SHIRLEEN!! Damn, I'd love her to be my Rock Chick mentor. She rocks! She has almost as much personality as Daisy - without the sparkle. *ha*  

I had a really sad realization, Robyn...there are only 3 books left. ONLY THREE!! This is a series I'm definitely going to re-read. But it's one that I'd really like to be able to read for the first time again. *sigh*

Oh, the Hot Bunch's use of 'bitch...are you talking about Luke telling Ava she's being bitchy?

Oh my gosh, your email is jam packed with good stuff. I fell completely for Luke when Ava's lies started amusing him. At first it pissed him off that she kept lying, then he just went with it. If he could do that and take her the way she is, a scared runner with a fiery temper, then WOW! 

The 'tache' was too much for me! I tried to accept Luke, but my mind made up a shaving session with him and Ava where she did away with it. But he did say some really good stuff. I loved how he studied her and waited for what he's been waiting for from her. Even though he was more trigger happy with the cuffs than the other hotties, he seemed the least pushy. Or was I just lost in some Luke Crush Fog?

You are so right about Ava being a strong heroine. First off, she loses her head and starts yelling even when she tells herself to calm down, then she commits to being pissed. I like that. She keeps it together She's an amazing bestest best friend. I love the lengths she went through to protect Sissy.

There was a lot of swooning going on for me in this one (in all of them). I wanted to have a chat with the mom and sisters, but never would I have been as awesome Luke. Holy cow! I thought it was realistic for Ava to be powerless when it came to her family. You either have to become unfeeling or uncaring or mean right back, and none of those things are Ava. 

For me the best thing about this story is the past Ava and Luke shared. It gave the story a slow build feel.

I loved the 'Moms' in this one. And Olivia being added was hilarious. I did not expect that. Actually, Rock Chick Revenge had the most surprises. I loved that. No bar brawl, you're right. Not much Indy or Daisy either. But Shirleen, I want to know her and give her puppy dog eyes (not that I'm capable of pulling that off) until she takes me under her wing. 

Oh, the bitch usage. I just remember a boyfriend once calling me that and it didn't go over well. Do guys really freely calls girls bitchy and bitch to their faces like that in real life and get away with it? I'd have a total bitchy fit.

Our Superbowl wager has been the best bet ever! This has been so much fun. I was sad this weekend that I already finished the book. And I've already been wracking my brain for other series for us to tackle.


At the end with the wedding, did you think it was Indy's wedding? I did and I was totally put out that not all the Rock Chicks were invited and really hurt for Daisy. I should have guessed whose wedding it would be but I was too busy making exasperated sounds.

LOL It was amusing when Luke found Ava amusing. ;) I think maybe it took a few days for him to remember that about her?? I was falling for Luke for sure. But it wasn't until he said those things to her - those things I'd been waiting for him to say about how he'd always felt about her - that I really fell for him. Like I said before, Luke's not very verbose but when he decides he needs to be, the things that came out of his mouth made me melt. (and maybe my panties melt too ;) *sigh* Those Luke Lip Fogs...*swoon* And I'm not a 'tache girl myself. Well, let me restate...I actually find facial hair HOT!!! Soooo hot! I just don't like kissing it. *haha* So Luke's 'tache worked for me. 

Ava truly is the bestest best friend. I loved her internal dialogs - especially when Good and Bad Ava were involved. And I giggled when she'd be waiting on their input and they were nowhere to be heard.

I love what you said about how there's no way Ava could be anything other than powerless against her Mom and sisters. Too true - she Ava is far from uncaring, unfeeling or mean. I know I'm biased though, since Ava's MY Rock Chick! ;) Luke's handling of her family though...yeah, awesome! I was laughing hard when he asked if they'd visit often and if he had to be nice to them! And the history between Luke and Ava did give them the slow burn...and they burned so good. I actually love the trope of friends to lovers, so Rock Chick Revenge was made for me all around. 

You're right that this one did have the most surprises. I enjoyed Luke's Mom - Super Mom Stark. I wouldn't mind her adopting me, for sure. And that she'd picked up on the bond between Luke and Ava all along...that made me love her all the more. 

Yep, no bar brawls but it didn't lack for action, I didn't feel. That's one thing KA seems good at - varying the type of action. Shirleen added a whole nother level. I'd like her to mentor me too. And she wouldn't try to put me in sparkles and give me big hair! *ha* Olivia - I was kinda scared and thinking we were gonna get a brawl when she showed up. I liked Ava telling her like it is. 

I have no idea whether or not men really call us bitches like the Hot Bunch do...or the baddies...but I can see where you're coming from. I don't know that I've been called a bitch by anyone other than my brother, in a mean way. But a certain author we both know and love, refers to all us women who stick together as 'bitches'! *ha*

Yes indeed, this is one wager I'm happy to have lost. I am very sad we're almost finished with the series. BUT I'm thinking maybe we start in on another of KA's series. What do you think?


LOL Hell yeah, I thought it was Indy's wedding. And I was like WTF??? And why is Indy wearing that color dress? But when it was revealed, yeah, that was sweet. And it made complete and total sense. And it is weird that I feel like all these people are my friends and I couldn't be happier for Vance and Jules??? And that convo between Luke and Ava there??? *sigh*

I'm so happy you found your Rock Chick. Life demanded I read this one slower and when it was over and I didn't have bits of Rock Chick to sneak in while cooking or during the brief moments when the boys weren't talking my ear off I was plain sad. Yes to moving on to another KA series! Of course crazy lady. I cracked up when you mentioned one of our favorite authors and her favorite word. I think I heard her say "bitches" a dozen times at the Emerald City Author Event. Now, I love that use of bitch. I guess I'd just like to know what hot button word do guys not like that is equal to bitch. They could tell me. Your brother better have grown out of his name calling phase. I mean it. The sisters, I kept thinking Cinderella and the step sisters, but Ava has more fire in her (and lust). I have a feeling the next installment is going to be grittier. Or angstier. 

Luke and Ava. I'm all dreamy about them. Super Mom Stark was the best. I wanted to give her a hug and have breakfast with her. I freaking loved that last breakfast date in the movie. That was so funny. I wonder if KA laughs her ass off while she writes. She rocks the planet. So when are we going to start lusting after Mace and his rock band girl?

I took more time with Luke & Ava too - it was nice to savor their story. And you're right in the Cinderella comparison and about Ava having more fire. Yep, I think Mace & Stella's story will be grittier. It's gonna have to wait until the week of July 21 though. ;) Oh, and which KA series do you want to do next? Oh, I guess we have time to think about it. :)

My brother did get over his name-calling phase...probably about the time he got married! *ha* I'll ask James if there's a word boys dislike being called. That should be an interesting conversation. *ha*


  1. Yay! I'm loving our Rock Chick Chats, Robyn!! You know, my loss in this bet has been so rewarding...makes me want to bet more. ;) Luckily, you'll agree to more buddy reads without me having to become a gambling addict. By the way, I've spent a few minutes here mesmerized by the art you have flashing. It's all gorgeous! Kudos to the artists. ;)

    1. I keep thinking of new bets to make like some gambling addict because the entire Rock Chick experience is right up there in my favorites. To have so much fun reading, I swear I'm giddy about it.

      Oh hey, thanks for the nice comments about the art! I love the boys' drawings so much and I couldn't help throwing in some favorites of my own stuff. A couple were quick live sketches of my grandma. They make me smile every time.

  2. LOL I'm so loving these duel reviews by the two of you. So much fun and hilarity going on here.

    1. I'm a little addicted to them, Ki! It's so fun to read a book while someone else is reading it. I remember that one little holiday short you sent me right after you read it. It's like that where you fangirl out and have so much fun. It's the next best thing to having a book/coffee date live and in person! I miss doing the TOL's. I haven't had enough quality time with my computer this summer, but I am tanner and have more freckles.