Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer's here and I missed my June theme song post!

Have you ever sucked at something? Thought you were going to rock it out because in your mind you're so awesome, but then real life snickers at your pretty daydream? This happens to me a lot. Maybe I have an ego problem. Anyways, I have a new job (substitute teacher). And as you can guess I'm not so great at it (yet). I thought because I wanted to be a teacher so long ago and I tutored math, reading, and writing for years before my life veered into the land of mom-town that I'd fall right back into teaching mode. Well, the Kindergarten kids chewed me up and spit me out. There was a girl fight on the way to class at 8:55 in the morning! I really had no clue little six year old girls had anything to brawl over. I was six once. I loved climbing trees and listening to the Cinderella soundtrack until my mother took the record away. Okay, I also stole my evil step brother's quarters from wherever he tried hiding them (never a good enough hiding place). Still. I was not prepared. Then halfway through my shift I heard "Ms. Jones?" I jumped and looked up, "Yes?" "Ms. Jones, Robert's mom is coming to pick him up." Okay, so not a heavenly intervention. I spun around and found the intercom. Robert then preceded to tell me the woman walking down the hallway was his mother so he could stay in the hallway instead of waiting in the class. "I am not his mother," the woman told me. I did not tell Robert he's a stinker but my smile told him all he needed to know. I also did not tell all the crying children to suck it up. Mostly I said, "Uhhhhhhh." One girl left the classroom and hid behind the door then pushed the door in my face three times to keep me from bringing her back inside. My win for the day was at the end of my shift (three very long hours later) when I offered the girl who closed the door in my face a hand and she took it.

It's June with a summer of greatness ahead full of playing, reading, and writing. Here's a song that makes me think of summer heat and barbecues. It also clears my head of everything but the song because it's so dang fun to sing to! Any songs out there that stops the daydreaming or quiets the admonishments? Happy summer people!
Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit in the Sky"

(Photo found on Public Domain Archive, source public domain images)


  1. I have been a very bad theme song participant lately, Robyn... I do listen to lots of music, promise! I just can never choose one song to go with the month's theme (hey, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!)
    I hope you're having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy Sprit in the Sky on repeat ;)

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. I just caught that my reply did not publish. That's nutty! I know you're a total music girl! I wish I had your kind of music memory. I'm stuck making stuff up (poorly but my 6 year still likes it). I hope June rocked and July is even better!

  2. Wow, Robyn. Craziness, right? But it's fun. You have to admit it's fun and maybe even cute. I think kids are like angels with little devil horns. hehe

    I suck at crafts. Really those DIY sites are so great and I want to try and make new and cool things but I can't even make a notebook from scratch. And I think wow, it sounds so easy. Cut the paper, pick a cover, glue them together. Haha yeah, not happening.

    But you know what? In my mind I'm a crafty girl. I even made a beautiful rose from a napkin one time. Well, yeah, that was my cousin. Damn!

    Write Robyn! Write, dream and happy swimming, girl!

    1. Ha! Your cousin was the one who made the rose our of the napkin? You made me laugh. I am not crafty, but like you my mind can so easily put me in that role like I'm made to craft up a storm, but reality is so very different. I am not good at building things, paper and glue or wood and screws. Forget about it. But I'm enthusiastic!

      How is the writing/editing/summer playing going? I just got back from a trip to Iowa so I haven't stopped by Between My Lines yet, but I will.

      Happy flying (and sunbathing I hope), Athina!!!

    2. Yep, she made it and it was so beautiful. I can never do that, I know. Only in my mind!
      Maybe we are not good on building things with our hands, Robyn, because we build them with our minds. Right? :P

      I recently started working again on Damaged (book 2 in Meg's story.) and I find it so great that I don't edit and I rewrite. It's a whole new story. :)

  3. I'm late to this news. Hope you're getting better at juggling everything (little girls are very tough).