Sunday, September 18, 2016

Big love for Kristen Ashley

Yesterday I met Kristen Ashley. This is my first fangirl picture. In the last few years, I've met Patricia Briggs (sort of-I took a writer's workshop she gave), chatted (very briefly) with Elizabeth Hoyt, Sabrina Jeffries, Ann Aguirre, JA Huss, the list goes on, and attended as many author talks I could manage. But I've never asked for a picture. And after this photo I awkwardly hurried away. Seriously, why is it so hard to talk to your favorite authors? The event was held in Seattle, a big to-do with a banquet room full of women dressed up ready to celebrate our love of KA and her stories (uh, I wasn't dressed up because I'm a jeans girl). I danced, laughed, and made some new friends, all this through total book love. Gotta say, book girls rock. 


  1. Book girls DO rock, Robyn! And I'm so, so happy you took the plunge, went and fangirled over KA, AND got your picture taken with her. Seriously. COOL. And Rock Chicks just rule, don't they? I saw some Rock Chicks at the Mile High signing I went to this past weekend. So neat! But I just knew you'd have a blast at the KA event. She's just so approachable. And next year, when we go to RCR together *wink* we'll chat more, take more pics, fangirl lots - because you'll be more comfortable with her in round 2. I was, anyway. I'm happy you went. Happy you made new friends. Happy you fangirled. AND SO FREAKING HAPPY WE BET ON A FOOTBALL GAME THAT BROUGHT US TO KA!!! Love and hugs, chickie! Rock on! <3

    1. She is very approachable. I did talk to her, but I just wanted to listen to her, which makes for me nodding along avidly like a total dope. So you've already latched onto the idea of us going to next year's RCR, huh? That did not take much convincing. You're so easy..."That's what he said." hehehaha. I am so dang happy we made a superbowl bet and that your team lost. I'm on a roll of sass here. To our big love of all things KA. She rocks. We rock!