Saturday, July 1, 2017

Girl power time! Most Girls! Rock the song, people!

I heard this song today on a walk up one of my town's many forever hills, the kind of hill that kills cars because it's so steep and goes on for blocks and blocks, but hey, why not walk up the beast? Before most of my summers begin I formulate lofty goals. Oh boy. And you better believe that somewhere fitness hopes are smack in the middle of the mix. We're two weeks in and my lofty goals are drifting in every direction. Did you know July was ice cream month? Or something to do with ice cream. See the battles I'm facing? Anyways, girls out there thinking too much or feeling alone or maybe working your ass off but feeling a teeny tiny lack of the parade that should celebrate your new found body-awesomeness, take a listen to this cool song.