Sunday, March 16, 2014

The girls are wild, the boys smokin' hot! Blogger 'Duel' Review for Rock Chick!

Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley stars Indy Savage and her world of crazy! Indy has been avoiding her best friend's brother since he rebuffed her big play for his pants...uh, heart. Now that bullets are flying, there's no avoiding mysterious heartthrob Lee Nightingale. Any rational woman would hand the dangerous mess over to the cops. Indy pretty much starts up a P.I. business. Oh the trouble the girl gets into. Luckily, she surrounds herself with colorful characters, fantastic music, and irresistible flirt-worthy men. 

Just so you know, Bookworm Brandee and I decided to make a tiny wager on the Superbowl like the Governors do, but book blogger style. So this Seahawks girl won Rock Chick...hehe! We read it at the same time and chatted back and forth via email. Here's a bit of our mutual fangirling.

(me) What did you like about Indy when you first meet her in Rock Chick?

I liked that she made coffee for herself first even though it wasn't her apartment or her coffee. That's my kind of girl. 

(Brandee) Hmm, when I first met her...I loved that her mouth had gotten her into trouble. And that she couldn't do anything in the morning before she brushed her teeth and had coffee.
Honestly, I want to BE Indy! I have a major girl-crush. :)

Who were some of your favorite characters and why?
I have a new book boyfriend in Lee. He waited forever to make a move on Indy and when he finally does...oh my. I loved Tex and his crazy-assed-ness. The man hasn't left his block in 20 years and now he can't wait to see what kind of trouble he can get into with Indy. *grin*

Lee is a total hottie, but I love Tex the most. He never treated Indy like she was a beautiful hot mess the way the rest of the men did. He wasn't invisible to Indy and his eccentric/insane way about him never phased her. My second favorite would be Eddie because I'm mad for a guy who loves his best friend more than the love of his life. I really really can't wait to read his story!

Were you surprised the first time you laughed your butt off reading Rock Chick? The tone was light from the beginning, but then Kristen Ashley made me laugh out loud. I have an author crush on her.

Oh yeah...."have you done it?" That was hysterical! And I liked that it took them some time to get there. I mean, Indy'd been waiting an awfully long time anyway. So what was a little longer?!?

Tex was pretty wonderful. And you're right...he did treat her differently than any of the other men. (except for Mr. Kumar) Do you think it was Indy's complete and total acceptance of him that brought him off his block? I liked that about Indy...she accepted everyone for who they are. She may throw you down in a food fight but she accepted you. ;) And Eddie was just...*swoon* He and his provocative tactileness. ;) I giggled (and probably blushed) when he'd touch Indy right in front of Lee. Just so she'd know she had options *ha* I'm really looking forward to his story, too. 

I was surprised when I first laughed...and I think it was on page 3 or something like that. The tone was light (which I was in desperate need of at the time) and I laughed and laughed throughout the book. I'm still giggling at inappropriate times and having to explain to James or the kids...Oh, there was this time in Rock Chick... They're rolling their eyes at me at this point. *ha* Yeah, I have a total crush on Kristen Ashley too! ;)

What did you think about the music? I loved how Indy had clothes that had concert memories and she always knew just the song for whatever the mood. Of course, it helped that Indy's music is my music - or at least the music I grew up listening to. ;) I can still see her cruising in Tex's El Camino with her music blaring! (I'll have to look up the song because I can't remember off the top of my head!) 

You are so right about how Indy accepts people the way they are. I also liked that she couldn't help but flirt with other guys. Poor Lee.

The music was fun and so were her shirts! Her fashion sense made me a little dizzy sometimes, but I loved the scene in Tex's car when she needed an escape. 

My family ask me what I'm laughing at too when I suddenly burst out in giggles. I tried explaining a few of my favorite scenes. They humored me

I loved that she automatically flirted too! And that girl has it down to a science. *ha* Poor Lee, indeed. 

Her fashion sense in general was over the top for me - an outfit to match the restaurant of the night, or theme of the event - but then I don't have much fashion sense, so maybe I'm just jealous! :) I actually loved her for it!

My family is humoring me as well. They do that a lot. :) I've told James there are a few new places we need to go to downtown. And I want to see if there really is a bookstore where Indy's bookstore is. I'll let you know. Oh, I was reading to Sky the part about Kevster when he saved Rosie's 'garden'...she wanted to know what the big deal was. I had to remind her that this book was written before it was legal! *hahaha*

Was there anything in the story that brought you to a stop, not in a good way? I had trouble believing two adults who frequently dated other people would not have the sex talk with each other, at least ask about contraceptives, maybe ask when either last had a physical. And the condom scene in the grocery store was funny, but I couldn't help thinking it was more fitting to a younger woman. Then again maybe not everyone's mom included a "favorite type of condom" tangent in the big puberty sex talk. 

Robyn, I definitely fall into the category of having a mom who did not include the "favorite type of condom" tangent during the sex talk. Actually, I don't remember a sex talk at all. And since Indy was raised by her dad??? Well, I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt. Plus, she was under all that stress. ;) I think I was a little taken aback with the situations Indy got herself into at first - she does get herself into some unbelievable situations - but then I let go because that was part of the fun with Indy.

So shall I make us appointments for Tall Grass Spa for when you're here?!? ;) I swear it was so much fun reading about Indy's antics in my backyard. Anyway, when are we reading Rock Chick Rescue?!?

I had the best time reading Rock Chick with you! I usually never read the teaser for the next novel, but I wanted more immediately. Then I discover we get Eddie's story next, Eddie with the traveling fingers and sexy shades. When are we going to read the next one? 

Oh, and I guess a widower cop might not go on and on about French ticklers and ribbed for her pleasure condoms. Go figure.

As you can see, I LOVED Rock Chick, so did Brandee. 5 easypeasy STARS for this one. I can't wait for the next installment! Here are a couple quotes to hook you if our back and forth didn't do the trick.

"Lee Nightingale doesn’t move slow. One second he’s looking at you, the next second he’s walking away and he has the little satin bow from your panties as a souvenir.”
Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (p. 77).  . Kindle Edition.  

“Honey, I don’t give a fuck if you don’t believe it’s gonna be good between us. I know we’ll both enjoy me proving it to you.” 
Ashley, Kristen (2011-03-04). Rock Chick (p. 296).  . Kindle Edition.


  1. Ah! I L-O-V-E these books. This is the first Kristen Ashley book I ever read, and no lie, I read nothing else for like the next month (how long it took me to to read ALL of them). I hope you keep reading them. I will always love Lee b/c he was my first KA hot bunch guy, but just wait until to you get to Hank and Luke's books. Luke Stark . . . *stares off dreamily*

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

    1. I can easily imagine falling into a Rock Chick bender. I loved this book so much and I loved how determined Lee was to get in front of Indy's fraidy cat ways. He called her out every time. I'm hitting book 2 in April. I'd do it now if I wasn't so behind on every dang thing! I love a Kristen Ashley vacation, me, her books, and quiet. Have you read all her books? My library only has two of her books, Kaleidoscope and Own the Wind.

      I can't wait for Luke and Hank!

    2. I've read all of them except the weird Mathilda book (which I did try to read, but meh), and the latest of her Hachette published books. Maybe it's b/c of the bender, but I love KA for her KA-ness (quirky heroine + alpha + plus drama/mystery + KIDNAPPED/rescued = HEA), and the publisher is a fun-sucker. The good news is that is she still independently publishing books. The bad new is that both of the books your library has are (not-surprisingly) Hachette published. I have an strictly KA wishlist on Amazon that I'm stalking to get the books for my sister as they go on sale. So far I've been able to get her about half of them at $0.99 a pop ;)

    3. What a great scoop! Thanks for letting me know. I love the Rock Chick formula. It fit into a reading space I hadn't even known was so lacking. I will create a KA wishlist on Amazon. That is so dang smart. Maybe I'll put in purchase requests for her books to my library so they wise up and get the good stuff.

  2. Hot damn! I too had an absolute blast reading and chatting about Rock Chick with YOU!! I can't wait until the next one. :)

    1. I know, it was so awesome! First off the book rocked, then chatting made it feel like we were sitting down for a coffee and fangirling over Lee and the rest of the hunks and laughing over Indy's antics!

  3. Hehe. I loved your talk. Isn't it beautiful discussing a book with a friend? I love those talks and building scenarios and exchanging opinions.

    Thank you for sharing this, Robyn and Brandee.
    Have a beautiful day.

    1. Beautiful is a good word for it! I've never done a buddy read before. I'm hooked now. I hope you have a beautiful day too! I got caught in cold cold rain earlier, but now the sun is out. That's good stuff.