Thursday, October 9, 2014

Duel Review of Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley with Bookworm Brandee

I had no idea what to think of Sadie Townsend, the woman who tossed Hector Chavez to the curb. I figured she'd be a total crazy. Turns out Sadie is crazy in a great way. Most of her life she locked her heart away in a vault of ice. To the outside world, Sadie is untouchable. Hector knows the truth, she's combustible, made of pure steel, and most of all meant for him. He can see through the layers of cold composure and high end clothes. If only Sadie had the same faith in herself. She's put on a front so long she has no idea who she is anymore. Now that her life has been torn apart in the aftermath of a vicious attack, she's on a mission to rebuild, and she does this with a colorful cast of characters from the best friends ever to the Rock Chick gang.

Rock Chick Regret will have you cheering for Sadie and swooning over Hector. I absolutely loved it! 5 STARS for sure! Bookworm Brandee and I have been buddy reading this series after a Superbowl bet went my way (go Hawks!) and she gifted me Rock Chick. As always, we chatted and chatted. So here's our little back and forth (mostly our fangirling over Hector).

(Brandee) Man, I thought Mace & Stella's story had a different feel. I've spent so much time crying over Hector & Sadie's and I'm only on chapter 4.

Okay, one thing that's standing out the most to me is Sadie. She's not the typical Rock Chick. It's very interesting that KA created a Rock Chick that's...well, she's not weak. She's actually a smart and touch chick but she seems so much more fragile. Is that a good word for her? It fits with her looking like a fairy princess, I suppose. Does she seem fragile to you? Fragile and yet she'll jump in with both feet to send her drug dealing daddy to prison. Hmm...

Hector...ay, Dios mio! Yes, I speak some Spanish and Hector Chavez is mm-mmm. (by the way, that sentiment is the same in both Spanish and English) I can't imagine the regret he feels over the actions he took. But he's so tender with Sadie. He knows he has to handle her with kid gloves and he's managing. He's a hot-headed hottie. But he's completely different from his brother. And although I like Eddie, I like Hector's brand of machismo better. I love that he's determined to bring out the 'real' Sadie - the one he seems to see even if Sadie isn't that acquainted with her.

Okay, back to Hector....

(Robyn) This one does have a totally different vibe. Sadie isn't immediately endearing like the rest of the girls. She's so good being cold when threatened, she goes cold at the slightest hiccup. I think Sadie is more vulnerable, at least the sweet side of her is because her sweet side is like a fledgling with no armor. 

Oh Hector. Man, that guy. I love how different he is from Eddie. They're both Alpha bossy males, but Eddie would have pushed Sadie back to her icy mountaintop forever. I think of all the males we've read about so far, Hector carries and uses his guilt differently. He didn't wallow once or push Sadie away. He's a thinker first. All the other guys were charge in and throw shit kind of men. Perfect for Sadie who is also a thinker. She's so much of a dang thinker she divided up her personalities. She's nutty!

I was trying to think of standout characters for this one, but everyone showed up and bedazzled me. Duke. Tex. Marcus! I was so happy to have some scenes with Daisy's husband. Buddy and Ralphie, they are so freaking awesome. I love them.

My goodness do I like Sadie. And for completely different reasons than I've liked any of the other Rock Chicks. I'm loving the comparison to a fairy princess, because that whole dream she had which she remembered when she walked into Hector's house? Awesome!

I was really, really happy that KA dealt with the after-affects of rape. I was kinda worrying that things would just move forward so I was relieved when bumps on the road were hit. (bad analogy?)

Hector...seriously in the running for #1 Hot Bunch. That he's so compassionate, gentle, patient with Sadie is winning me over. I know he's a hot-headed guy but he's not being pushy with Sadie at all. Oh and that tattoo??? **SWOON** 

Ralphie and Buddy make me smile. And Shirleen planning the menu for an art opening was classic! Pigs in a blanket...made with croissants because that's classier. OMG! I haven't seen the other cast members all that much and Tex *still* steals his scenes! And that they're ALL so accepting of Sadie - even though she thinks she is undeserving and doesn't belong - is heartening.

*cocks head* Oh, Hector's calling... ;)

Yep, Hector is edging out Hank. No worries. I have enough book girlfriend love for all of them. It's so neat that she looks like a fairy princess and has premeditated personality shifts, not always, but she goes into things with a plan who she's going to be. The need to discover who she is has to be one of my favorite things about her. How can you not root for her? Of course I love the Veronica Mars tie-in. I love how Buddy and Ralphie gave her so much love and helped her climb out of that terrible dark place she had to have been in. KA did a great job handling the rape storyline, I just wasn't so sure about how often Sadie said the word rape out loud. That seemed...not realistic. Then again, Sadie doesn't mince words. She's a straight shooter.

Tex always steals the show. I love his whole "VIP!" mixed in with yelling and swearing to clear the line at Fortnums. He does it with every Rock Chick. Duke, I'm telling you, he knows how to pick his freaking moments. I want him to have a chat with me and straighten me out. I felt terrible for Lee for a while, even more than Hector. What a beginning, huh? Heavy. 

I just realized one thing for sure that's different about this one, there was not competing Hot Bunch guy. Right? KA ran out I think. Say it ain't so! I love how welcoming Blanca is to Sadie. I just love it. And I love when Sadie has moments when she's not thinking how she'll react. She just does and that's Hector's Sadie that he usually messes up telling her. Have you noticed he's not a "sorry" man? He's a "this is me" guy. Sadie's the best one for him. 

Aww, she didn't endear herself to you immediately? Getting the inner monologue made me understand her actions right off so I liked her from the start. She is definitely good at being the Ice Princess...until she isn't. But you're right about the sweet side of her being like a fledgling without armor. That's a really good comparison. 

I'm in love with Hector. True. I can't think of the exact moment it happened right now - it might have been the "I'm not fucking around anymore" speech. But LOVE.HIM. He is a gentle alpha, much like Hank. The difference is that Hector says so much with his actions where Hank's good with his words. Of course, Hector has good words the point where he tells Sadie all her Sadies make up her. He just melts me into a puddle of goo.

Yes, there aren't any standout characters this time...they ALL are! I loved getting some good Marcus, too. Ralphie and Buddy made me love them. And Jack made a big impact even if he's only present a very little while. I want Duke to set you and me both straight! He does know just what to say and when to say it, doesn't he? He's awesome. I can hear his voice so clearly and even feel his hugs. They ALL make me comfy, warm, safe. I sooo get it now. I get the message that we can do anything with our friends by our sides.

*haha* Yeah, I have enough love for them all too but Hector is definitely edging out all the other Hot Bunch hotties. 

I like that you mentioned Sadie's need to discover who she is because I was thinking that this book, more than any of the others, has been a journey of personal discovery for our Rock Chick. And watching that journey is one of my most favorite things. It broke my heart to think that Sadie hadn't ever experienced some things we take for smores. Or having girlfriends to have coffee with.  

I really am pleased with how KA handled Sadie's recovery from the rape. And I didn't think anything about her use of the word. I guess because, like you said, she's a straight-shooter and doesn't mince words. Especially once she's thought about things, gotten mad, or clicked a certain Sadie into place. So while it might not be realistic for some, it seemed to fit with Sadie.

Hector is a "this is me" kinda guy and you can take him or leave him, he doesn't care. It's ironic that he doesn't say he's sorry and Sadie is constantly apologizing for things she has no control over. Yep, they're perfect for one another.

Hmm, it didn't occur to me that we hadn't had a rivalry for Sadie in this one. But you're right. And she's been with other Hot Bunch hotties... Ren sure didn't make Hector happy when he touched Sadie but he didn't make any moves. And, well, we know how that one works out. Maybe there wasn't a rivalry because of all the Rock Chicks, Sadie's the one least likely to accept any advances?? 

It made me exceptionally warm and gooey feeling that everyone so quickly accepted Sadie...but especially Hector's family. Blanca accepted her more readily that Jet, don't you think? And that one was fast too. I also love Sadie's reactions to all the hugs, kisses, and acceptance she's been given. I've giggled over her painting, sanding, etc. at Hector's house. And I! - over what she said to her dad about what living a good life was, in her opinion. True, that.

I'm finished! Let me know when you are....

I finished reading Rock Chick Regret. Holy cow I loved this one so much!!! Hector is plain awesome. His brand of alpha is the most appealing to me. He's not physically controlling. He has fits and mood swings which just make him more real. He handles Sadie with such care and patience. Sadie won me over instantly because we had the inside track, but that first scene with Indy and Shirleen and the complete freeze out, it's the first time one of the Rock Chicks didn't think the upcoming Rock Chick was badass. 

I cracked up at how much Sadie loved fixing up Hector's house. When she had paint all over her, I could see this woman who showed the world a perfect Sadie and then she got to be a kid. Her dad is sure a complex character, that's for sure. You know what would be kind of fun, the old guys getting stuck on some winter retreat, cops and sort of and not sort of bad guys and they all have to solve some mystery together. Cliche maybe, but how fun would it be to see Duke and Tex there too? That's another fanfic I vote for us writing. 

I couldn't get over Jerry...that he felt so entitled to Sadie that he'd do whatever he felt like in order to get what he felt was his due. Ugh! What a creep! And Marcus got to be a good guy again! Yay!!

That scene between Sadie and her dad was fan-freaking-tastic! I was so proud of Sadie...the real Sadie for standing up to him and asking for what she deserved...her dad.

That last 'talk' Hector and Sadie had - I was so thrilled that she held her ground and told him, just as he'd told her, how it was going to be. I love the real Sadie.

The epilogue...loved that. Hector's explanation of Ally and Ren was great. And that Christmas morning scene...god I love Hector. And Sadie sure does too! 

Can I say that I think it's kinda amusing (like I'm fighting a grin) that we just might end up being in love with the same Hot Bunch hottie?!? Hector is firmly in first place in my heart.

Sorry I've slacked on our RC chat! Jerry was something that's for sure. Of course I hated him from the start, but still, he racked up more hate points as the story went on. There was still kidnapping in this one, but totally different than the other ones. Sadie was so badass and not because she kicked ass, but because like Hector always says, she has an iron will. Oh, Hector. Of course we'd fall for the same Hot Bunch Hottie. Luke has the weird mustache thing. Seriously, that drives me crazy and not in a good way. Eddie does all that physical pushing around. Lee was made for one girl. But Hector, oh man. He pushes the right buttons. Christmas day rocked. 

I can't wait to read Ren and Ally's story, but then again, procrastinating sounds like a great plan. I'm not ready to close out the series. We do have a good consolation plan...writing a bit of fanfic, but still! It's been such a fun ride, Brandee!!

Hey, no worries! 

Yeah I loved how Hector kept repeating 'will of iron'. He totally makes me swoon. And of course we'd both fall for the same Hot Bunch hottie. 

I am not minding the idea of procrastinating on Ally and Ren's story. I hate for this ride to be over. But you're right, we do have some fun on tap. And lots more KA to read. ;) Ooh, and the fanfic...that's intimidating. *haha*


  1. Robyn, I loved all you said about Sadie. Reading it made me remember what Hector said to her when she was talking about one of the many Sadie's she tried to call forth to protect her from know, when he told her they were ALL her. I'm so glad that Hector could see through to the real Sadie and that he worked and worked to bring her out. *sigh* Oh dear, I'm waxing on again. ;) I'm so stoked that I lost the bet because Rock Chick - yeah, I think this series was what we were needing. :) Which game shall we bet on next?? Hugs & love, girlie!

    1. I loved when she called up a certain version of her personality. I'm thinking of doing that until I find my own Hector to remind me all my crazy personalities make me awesome. hehe. We should have bet on the Cowboys. When do we play again? Hmm. We haven't even read the last book bet and here we are wanting to bet again! Busy crazy week, but I hope you're getting some good reading in.

  2. I can't tell you how happy I am you and Brandee continue to love this series, Robyn! I am so behind, but one of these days, I'll play catch-up :)
    I hope you're doing well, and that you'll have a fantastic week ahead.
    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

    1. It is such a fun series and it hit at just the perfect time because you all have widened my horizons with contemporary romance. But I'm hitting dark paranormal romance with Chained by Night. Have you read it yet? I hope you're having a great week too!!