Sunday, December 16, 2012

Formatting Tips: Get rid of extra space

In the world of emails and documents there's no room for extra space, meaning get your stinking thumbs off that space bar. No longer do you need two spaces at the end of your sentences (with the exception of the greeting and closing). Not just that, get your tiny pinkie off the return/enter key. One tap is all you need for either the space bar and the return/enter key.

In your document, place the cursor on the right side of the last character where you want a break placed, then go to the ribbon and click on Insert. Choose either Break or Manual Break. For chapter breaks you choose page break, for extra space between paragraphs go with line break. This one attention to detail will allow you to change font, line spacing, header/footer opting, and alignment without worrying about titles or headings ending up in the middle of the next page. If you have dreams to publish your own ebook, extra space translates to glitches in your Kindle ebook. If you use a free word processor like Open Office and save to Word, extra space can translate to random characters spaced throughout your text.

We'll tackle the evil tab button next formatting post day. Go on. Click away!

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