Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why I absolutely love Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

Kresley Cole comes from the world of adult paranormal romance which means her Y/A is filled with complex characters. Her romance scenes overflow with tension and excitement and a sort of impatience that pushes the main characters into clawing to get closer rather than playing too many games. After reading the prologue I knew everything in my life was going to revolve around finding time to read more until it was time to stalk the author's website for the next installment. I want more. I love and hate that feeling, maybe love more than hate. This book has just jumped the line for favorite Y/A dystopian craziness. As weird as it sounds my mind kept flashing to playing the Lego Batman computer game. I think because of the Tarot card aspect which was so damn creative of Cole. Check out Poison Princess, it's addictive.
(Note: violent, gory at times, end of the world strife type of stuff, no actual zombies or vampires-but something in between, and a lot of self-reflection on the part of the main character-not too much in my opinion)


  1. Robgirl was wise to recommend this book. I am now reading it. Thanks, chica.