Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I'm eating all my dang candy!

Christmas is over and I still have treats in my fridge. With resolutions around the corner, the yearly question becomes start now on eating healthier or stuff your face (I'm sure there's an in between there, but I'm not a girl of moderation when it comes to my mother's fudge!).

Here's the compromise. Exercise. And to make yourself feel even more productive on the whole self-improvement project, workout without spending a dime.

Walking is free. Malls open early, so find yourself one and watch out for the regulars.
Dig out your old workout DVD's.
Peel off the many layers of discarded clothes and get yourself on your fancy unused treadmill.
Sign up for a free one-month trial at Netflix and sample the various exercise shows they have available.
Check out your local TV station, because most air a regular local exercise show.
Sign up for a free month trial Amazon Prime membership and sample their shows.
Go to the library. This is my go-to for all things book/media related. My favorite DVD's are the Biggest Loser titles. I never watched the show, still don't, but I have a thing for Bob (Bob Harper-southern accent-big smile when he tells you fifteen more).

So, I'm eating all my dang candy!
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