Monday, March 11, 2013

New Release! Soul Bender, A Touched Girl Novel

Yay! Soul Bender is finally here.
How much can a soul take before it breaks? Anna Pierce has a vampire boyfriend, a driver's license, real friends for the first time since she was five, and now she faces one of her biggest challenges, senior year at a mostly all girls Catholic high school. Sure, she's a member of the talking crowd now, but she'll never be like everyone else. How can she when the first of her kind has camped out in her dreams? Little dead girl Emily decides Anna's destiny can wait no longer. It's time for this generation's Touched Girl to hunt. Trained in a virtual dream landscape to destroy all in her path, Anna must choose between her destiny, the one beat into her on a nightly basis, and her legacy, the one instilled in her by her parents. Along the way, old enemies remain dutifully obsessed, new foes lurk in the shadows, and odd Little Duckie Anna Pierce sets out to be social.

Beginning April 15th, we will be celebrating the new release with a blog tour. Please stop by
JC's Book Haven to sign up.


  1. Congratulations! I'm hoping to finish Soul Walker soon so I can join the tour.

    1. Awesome! It will be my first tour. On our hop last month for Soul Walker, JC's Book Haven did a character interview with Peter. That was so much fun! I hope you can join.

    2. Yeah, I read that, I believe that's how I found out your first book was released. I love interviews with the characters, we get to know them more and it's like if we were really meeting them

    3. I never read a character interview before. Now I'm crazy about them!

  2. YAY It's released! ***Book Shimmy***

  3. ***Book Shimmy*** indeed! (that's a new phrase and I like it!)