Sunday, June 1, 2014

J.A. Huss Time! Marathon review of Slack, Bomb, and Guns!

I've fallen hard for J.A. Huss. Here's a marathon review of Slack, Bomb, and Guns.

4.5 STARS for Slack by J.A. Huss. Huss rocks the planet with riveting characters, sizzling men, and scorching scenes. The angst is never over the top for me, and somehow reaches deep enough to pull out emotions I fight tooth and nail not to surrender so easily. Ford Aston is one of the most arrogant (yet lovable) characters I've come across. He's brilliant (and knows it). He's rich (and doesn't give a shit). And he's controlling (in bed-yikes). We first meet Ford in the Rook and Ronin series. He falls hard for Rook. Instead of taking advantage of her the way he so effortlessly could, he pushes her away. But it's not such an easy feat. So in the mad quest to cleanse his palette, he continues to have impersonal sexual relationships and carry on with life as usual. But then bring on the holidays and a sort of friend in need. Said friend tasks Ford with a mission that should be cake. A chance encounter from an unlikely person changes everything for him. Slack is a wonderful story that sets up Ford's story, Taut, perfectly (though I read the stories out of order, but I've learned my lesson, honest). 

5 STARS for Bomb by J.A. Huss. Spencer is a flirty, arty, motorcycle riding hottie. He's the muscle when it comes to the dangerous and scheming trio of Ronin, Ford, and Spencer. Like Ford, we meet Spencer in the Rook and Ronin series. He paints pictures on girls. Not tats, but hardcore living photorealism. He's intense and madly in love with Ronnie (who is a ball of crazy when we first meet her). Going into Bomb all you know is that Ronnie is a wild thing. Spencer is a slut, okay, that's harsh. But you get the idea he's a slut because he acts like he's about to rip your panties off with his teeth. Lastly, you know Spence and Ronnie were once an item. Bomb gives us the moment he falls hard for her, which happens to be the second he sees her. I jumped right into Spencer's story, Guns, the minute I finished Bomb. And holy cow Guns was an awesome ride. Ronnie is crazy, but the good kind of crazy. Wait, one review at a time. If you haven't ready anything by J.A. Huss, what? Get on it!  

4.5 STARS for Guns by J.A. Huss. End of the road time! Guns is the final installment of the steamy and exciting Rook and Ronin universe (hopefully that is not entirely true). Spencer and Ronnie are doomed. Seriously, this is the most dysfunctional relationship ever. I had no idea how this story was going to go. You have these criminals who did things that hurt people, but said criminals are the characters we've grown to love. Ronin, Ford, and Spencer did some shady things. Part of me felt convictions for any one of them would be fair and just, but the fairytale part of me (that dominates all my thinking), wanted sandy beaches and umbrella drinks for the rest of their lives. I wanted them to have happy love stories and babies (if they wanted them). But Guns doesn't have the happy ending vibe. 

Past mistakes have forced Spencer to push the love of his life out of his life. He wants her safe and he'll sacrifice his own happiness to protect her. He's so good at pushing Ronnie away that she believes all the crap he dishes out. It takes her a while, but she finally realizes she's too good to be treated like dirt. I love that. I love Ronnie's path to independence. You can't always help who you love, but you can help how you love them. Ronnie isn't as wild as she was in the snapshot scenes from previous Rook and Ronin installments. Spencer's tunnel vision drove me nuts at times. He couldn't see the big picture and lacked all faith that Ronnie could do more than act as a damsel in distress. I bet if he'd just confided in her from the very beginning, the pair could have powered through the mess together. Still, Huss threw me curve balls left and right. I guessed over and over what was going to happen and I was always wrong! I'm hooked on J.A. Huss. If you're a fan of hot and steamy NA, or hot and steamy adult romance, or ... hot and steamy chick lit, what else can I throw in there? Just check out this series, okay.

A couple things!

My Theme Song post for June is on its way. The theme will be...SUMMER! Whatever song makes you think of summer time, of playing in the sun and water, of all the wonderful smells from BBQ's to diesel trucks and cut grass. Summer!!! Now I have to find a song.

My sign up post for the Soul Twister Blog Tour is coming this week. The tour is from July 21st-July 25th. If anyone is interested in starting the series, I'm happy to provide you with ebook copies of Soul Walker and Soul Bender.

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  1. I read on your thoughts on Slack because it sounds so good and I don't want to spoil it! I've read series out of order too and it's too spoliy!hehe

    Thanks for sharing, Robyn. I'll add this to my TBR list!:)

    1. I hate it when I read a series out of order, but sometimes that one taste makes you have to read everything by that author. That happened to me with Amelia Atwater Rhodes. I found a book of hers for $1 at the used bookstore. Then I had to get my hands on everything! I hope you're having a great time with your books (the ones you're writing and the ones you're reading)!

  2. Fantastic, fabulous reviews, Robyn!! I'm so very glad that I could be your pusher/dealer when it came to Huss. ;) You should read Junco, too. I bet you'd love her. Oh, and I have news about this series...but I'm gonna make you wait til next week when we can discuss over a beer! ;)

    Hope you're having a great week, girlie! I'm so sore I can hardly move today. BUT I finished painting Jax's room. Wish you could have been here to help! :) See you in 8? days!!

    1. You're a total pusher! This is one series I might have passed on if it weren't for you. You forget I read Junco (#1) during one of the COYER challenges. I have book 2 on my ereader swearing at me as only Junco (and maybe Maggie Lane) could.

      You're kind of mean with this teaser news business. And it's girly beer for me.

      I would have loved to help you paint! You can guess that I'm not very meticulous, but baby wipes work great at quick clean ups.

      8 days!!