Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What a wonderful tour!

The Soul Bender Blog Tour is now over. Jaclyn at JC's Book Haven hosted the event and patiently guided me through the process since I was pretty clueless. Before I started my blog all I could think about was my remedial HTML skills. Now I think about how much I love this hidden away book world. The best surprise in all this has been making friends. If you have a chance, stop by these awesome blogs. They've made a fan out of me.
JC's Book Haven
Bookworm Brandee
PRUF Reads
Forget the Housework, I'm Reading...
Sycho Faerie's Book Obsession
Rainbows and Books
Margay Leah Justice
My Favorite Escape
Donnie Darko Girl
WeaklingNo14's Wondrous Reviews
Bookwyrming Thought
Aussie Bookworm

Thanks to all those who entered the giveaway. Our lucky winners, starting with the $50 gift card, are Jennifer, Shadow, Fiery Na, and Katie.


  1. It was awesome being part of it! Thanks to you and Jaclyn! The books are amazing

  2. I enjoyed every bit of it :D And you are so right - those are some excellent bloggers. We had almost 2,000 entries in the giveaway as well so congratulations to all the winners!

    You've made a friend for life in me for sure. I look forward to all our emails and chats and can't wait to meet you in person one day. Thank you for the chance to host and gaining that experience.

    I am creating a side blog for doing tours, book covers, and copyediting/proofreading so if anyone that participated in the tour would like to give me a testimonial or look for the notice to sign up on my blogger host list, I would greatly appreciate it. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. I am so there, Jaclyn. Whatever I can do. You did a fantastic job organizing the tour, gathering all the info, passing it out, and guiding me. It felt like a partnership and at the same time I could relax and let you run the show because I had complete confidence in you. Sheesh, how did we meet online? I emailed you to see if you would like to review Soul Walker. How lucky because I consider you a friend right back!

  3. Congrats on the tour, Robyn! :) I wish I had participated. Actually, I tend to shy away from giveaways because I'm not sure if it could reach where I am. I'm still stuck in my hometown, still go for check-ups once in a while. We don't have regular addresses here, so it's kind of hard getting stuffs by mail.

    When I get my kindle and when I can buy stuffs online, it would be my pleasure to read Soul Walker first. In the mean time I can only show my support by sharing. :)

    1. Awesome words, Kaykay. One day I'll venture into print, but I too look forward to owning a Kindle...can you believe I don't have one? I have the free app on my computer. I'm only high tech when it comes to search engines and PC games for Will, beyond that, I'm old school-low tech. It's really nice to have other writers and bloggers out there who operate on the lift each other up mindset.