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Bloody Blizzard! robgirlbooks' Review of Dark Prelude by E.J. Wesley + Double Character Interview

Dark Prelude (Moonsongs Book 3)
by E.J. Wesley
53 pages
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Jenny's newly established monster fighting business has hit a dry spell and a cold front is moving in startlingly fast. With the ice and snow comes something more destructive than anything Jenny and Marshal have faced so far.

Dark Prelude is my favorite installment yet. The action and gore hit you early in the story. There's less mystery and more adventure this time. I love the potential for this series to reshape the scary and not so scary things in the world. So far Jenny hasn't wavered in her resolve. If she's scared she just holds her tomahawk that much tighter. Maybe one day she'll take the wussy way out (can't imagine). There's no limit to where E.J. Wesley can take us with this series. And I have to mention Wesley's style of writing. With few words he takes me to Texas, this time to a blizzard that would have me snuggling under blankets sipping hot chocolate. His action scenes are thrilling, sometimes cringe-worthy. No doubt I spent the entire read curled over my computer not wanting it to end.

E.J. Wesley was kind enough to do a mini-interview when I reviewed Blood Fugue. This time, he went all out and did a double character interview.

I'm delighted to have Jenny and Marshal with me today all the way from Texas. They've agreed to answer a few questions.
You two went to school together. What was your typical after school routine?

Jenny: *points screwdriver menacingly* Is this another one of those Census things? If so, scratch us down for 2.5 kids, Republican, gun enthusiasts, and whatever else it is the rest of the world thinks makes Texas, Texas—I’ve got a computer to crack open.

Marshal: *chuckles nervously and whispers* Shush! This could end up on E! or in People someday. Try to sound glamorous.

Jenny: Whatever. After school was cross-country practice, right? *laughs* God, I used to sweat and stink so bad Granny would always threaten to hose me off in the yard before she’d let me inside.
Marshal: *sighs* So much for glamorous… Yes, it was just cross-country team practice most days.

Marshal, if Jenny gave you carte blanche with her style, what would you change?

Marshal: *claps hands together and turns to Jenny* First is the hair—the purple faux-hawk was cool on Joan Jett in like 1984 or something.

Jenny: Hey, I thought you said it was alternative chic? And Pink’s look isn’t that far off, so don’t act like I’m the first—

Marshal: *clears throat* My question! As I was saying, ditch the hair, the cargo pants, the tacky videogame t-shirt that I totally don’t get, the—well, everything. We’d give her a shoulder length bob with angles sharp enough to cut tomatoes, a skirt to show off those long legs, and maybe something sleeveless to accentuate her shoulders.

Jenny: *glares*

Marshal: What? You have pretty shoulders. If you didn’t dress like an angry tarp, people might actually notice. When you aren’t running around the house in your underwear that is.

Jenny: See the sharp, pointy tool in my hand? That’s what I think you should notice.

Same thing for you Jenny, what would you change in regards to Marshal's style?

Jenny: Assuming I can’t rearrange his face, I’d start with his hair, too. *grins*

Marshal: *gasps* I have fantastic hair!

Jenny: You use enough hair pomade to straighten the Leaning Tower. It’s kind of like metro-frat-boy meets Sonic the Hedgehog.

Has there ever been someone you wanted to set the other up with?

Jenny: Seeing as how Marshal is the only openly gay man I know in Center Pointe, no.

Marshal: Seeing as how porcupines would find Jenny prickly and threatening, NO.

Now that you know the world of monsters exist, is there any mythical creature you actually want to encounter?

Jenny: Come on, I was just teasing you about the hair thing. You know I barely notice what you’re wearing.

Marshal: *huffs* Mmmhmm… Mythical creatures I’d like to meet? After watching the Little Mermaid as a kid, I’ve always wanted to see a mermaid. I’m guessing the Apache monster hunters of the plains didn’t venture out to the islands much, though.

Jenny: *slaps Marshal on the shoulder* Tell you what, to make up for the hair comment, if I ever come across Ariel I’ll be sure to have her mounted for you when I’m done taking her out.

Marshal: There’s something very wrong with you.

Jenny: *laughs* Seriously though, the only monster I want to meet is one that isn’t trying to kill me. I’m learning those are usually the dead ones.

This or That
Texas summer or Texas winter
Jenny & Marshal: Winter?! *laughter*

Jenny: We don’t get much winter here, so I guess that leaves summer.

Marshal: I’d love to see some snow this year!

Jenny: *snorts* I’ll send it over with the mermaid fish sticks.

Ice cream or s'mores

Jenny: Yes.

Marshal: My stomach says s’mores, but my thighs say ‘Fat Free Frozen Yogurt’.

Mermaid or pixie

Jenny: *shakes head* Here we go…

Marshal: Mermaids!!! *sings* “I want to beee, part of that woorrrrllldddd.”

Jenny: Still holding that screwdriver by the way.

Bubble baths or chocolate

Jenny: Chocolate and a shower. Not necessarily in that order.

Marshal: Bubble bath—on a moonlit beach while a shirtless cabana boy sings me to sleep.

Jenny: And you say there’s something wrong with me?

Well cared for pet iguana or well tended to Bonsai

Marshal: Plant.

Jenny: Lizard.

You can find E.J. Wesley on his blog, The Open Vein.
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  1. Haha! :) I loved the interview. I like Jenny already, she seems like a fun person to be with. I picture her to be a mischievious person (I like mischief)

    I still have to read the first book before I get to this one. But I'm glad you're enjoying the series.

    Happy Reading!

    1. Thanks Kaykay! Jenny is a real character. And she's a gamer like you. I would love E.J. to include one of her gaming sessions, maybe with Marshal, which would be so funny.

    2. Jenny, a gamer? Wow! That's awesome. I like her already! :)

    3. Ha! I knew that would get you!

  2. "Granny would always threaten to hose me off in the yard before she’d let me inside." Lol, this reminded me of Anna. "Seeing as how porcupines would find Jenny prickly and threatening, NO." Aw, that was so mean but funny! Lol, I need to read this, so I understand better their relationship. If it's anything like this interview, I think it'd be pretty funny.

    1. You love Betsy, so you'll love Jenny. It took me through book 1, then in 2 I was fully in her camp. Marshal is my favorite. It is funny, but there are some gruesome moments, and some touching ones too.

  3. OMG This was absolutely hilarious!!! Marshall will have to be on the Sidekick Saturday one day. Anyway, this was so much fun. Thank you very much for doing it. As a Texan, all the Texas comments were a lot of fun. I have no idea what winter is, but I do know that if it does actually snow, I'm cringing because we're not used to it. It snowed on Christmas here this year and I hunkered down in my house freezing cold cause a tree fell and knocked all my power out. Not a fan!! I loved this :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. It's just as fun writing up the questions as answering them for my own books. E.J. really went all out. I laughed so much like these two characters are my friends. Tacoma doesn't know what to do when it snows either. Our winter budget includes the mountain passes, so they get the all the plows. It snowed one day here too, but melted a couple hours later. John was pissed. I think he might have even said he was pissed. A tree knocking out your power any time is awful, but during the holidays when it's cold out...Ack!!

  4. The interview was a lot of fun. I can't wait to get E.J.'s books either. I have a huge list to go through first. I do think I would like both Jenny and Marshall; sounds like fun.

    1. Oh, you'll like them Shan. Jenny is a bit of a jerk. We like that in our protagonists.

  5. What a great interview! I love Jenny and Marshal. Loved Marshal's comment about the Joan Jett hair LOL. EJ's books are awesome. :)

    1. The Joan Jett comment was hilarious! I love Jenny and Marshal too. I really need the next installment...No pressure E.J.

      Thanks for stopping by Julie!

  6. Loved the interview,very unique and interesting and hilarious. I do feel like I know Jenny and Marshal a little better and one of the best things in the world to have is a friend so close you can say or do anything, in other words; be you, and still be loved at the end of the day. Read and loved all three books, a sequel awaits. :)

  7. Thanks for all the comments everyone! I'm just getting back in the 'office' after a week of travel, so I didn't get to hang around the comments as much as I'd normally like. :)

    I had a lot of fun doing the interview, Robyn. Great questions, and I truly never know what's going to come out of Jenny and Marshal's mouths. A formula for success!


    1. I love that. It's so like those two to have that much control of their author. i love the series. I'll be watching for the next release date!