Monday, January 14, 2013

I can't get into my book!

I'm in a reading slump! I finished Pushing the Limits after a run of fantastic YA reads. I thought it was time to traipse around in the land of grownups with one of my favorite characters. Kinsey Millhone from the Sue Grafton private detective alphabet series is cranky, emotional, and smart. Also she likes to be alone, I mean, she relishes in it. At the same, time she hungers for human connections. I hit I is for Innocent ready to dive back into her world of ordinary criminals with ordinary and terrible crimes. I hit a wall. I couldn't get my mind to focus. So I took a break.

I tackled Warm Bodies. Now, I am not a zombie fan. Sure I've seen too many of the Night of the Living Dead movies...and Resident Evil + sequels...and 28 Days Later (which shouldn't count because they weren't technically zombies)...and Dawn of the Dead (which shouldn't count because the ending pissed me off for-I'm still pissed!)...and one of my favorites movies happens to be Shaun of the Dead. But I maintain I'm not into zombies. Okay, there have been a few walking dead books in there too. Back to Warm Bodies. Yikes! I'm not ready to delve inside the mind of an introspective, soulful dead guy. So I took a break.

I pulled out Beautiful Disaster from my library stack. Why not go with a messed up, bad boy love story? I know why, because I only just regained my blind optimism toward the opposite sex. And I just got back into watching romantic comedies. Better not mess with progress. So I took a break.

I dusted off Bitter Blood, which had been shelved due to the first chapter making me growl. Never a good sign. But I'm a loyal fan of the Morganville vamp series, and I read something happens between Myrnin and Claire. Yes, I have found my pick. Let's hope it douses my slump.


  1. It is so worth reading Bitter Blood. Further into the book, you will probably still get annoyed as you did with the first chapter, but it is sooo worth it.

  2. Thanks! I spent some quality time with the book this morning. Just had to get back into Rachel Caine's style (which I totally love!).

  3. I also am a loyal fan of the Morganville series. Myrnin makes the books enjoyable to me, so Bitter Blood was a 'bitter' read for me because of his situation. I hope it did away with your reading slump!
    I have seen several people talking about Warm Bodies lately-I may just have to check that one out.

  4. I laughed and cringed in the span of a single page when I started reading Warm Bodies. I had to put it down because I'm editing my YA series that's too far in style from this book. I'm still reading Bitter Blood-slow going on account of life (kids) throwing stuff at my head...literally. How is Rachel Caine going to end Morganville? I'm hoping for some fan love in her decisions.