Friday, January 18, 2013

Sidekick Saturday [1]

This is my first Sidekick Saturday. Jaclyn from JC's Book Haven selected Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter as her pick for awesome sidekicks. I have to agree, but here's my vote.

Henry Standing Bear from Craig Johnson's Longmire series.

It's also a TV series on A&E, and Henry's character is played by Lou Diamond Phillips. Now Phillips isn't anything like the book version of the flirty Indian (he calls himself Indian in the book, not Native American-he'd give me an amused smile if I used the politically correct term, so I'm sticking to his character). Henry is Sheriff Walt Longmire's best friend. In the book they are old, vibrant, funny guys. I love them both. They're younger on the show. Henry charms every woman who crosses his path. He smiles and they drop their...they smile back. He tells Walt like it is, but in some crazy Zen confusing way that is so peaceful, yet at the same time you realize you were just told you're fat and old and need to start dating again before your parts fall off due to lack of use. The friendship in both the book and show is that old man kind where they don't know everything about each other, in fact sometimes they feel like they know squat about each other, but no matter what, they are right there to take a bullet, to follow you through nightmares, to bring you beer when you can't leave the house. I love Henry Standing Bear and even though the book version is drastically different from the show, I'm a big fan of Lou Diamond Phillips.


  1. First, LOVE Lou Diamond and have ever since Young Guns. I haven't seen a tv show that actually followed the book it was based on, they seem more like a loose basis for the writers to work off of. I usually enjoy them both though for the different experiences they provide. I don't know this particular series, but Henry Standing Bear with his laid back and quirky persona, his loyalty to his friend, and his ability to make back ;) sounds like a fantastic character. Thank you so much for're awesome. Old follower :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  2. Aw shucks, Jaclyn. Give Cold Dish a try if you're shopping for a mystery-western with a serious funny side. And I love the tv show. I want to go to Wyoming and become a cowgirl (like I wanted to live in New Mexico and be an artist-I get nosebleeds in the desert!)Mostly I want a cowboy...

  3. I would love a cowboy too....:-) Anyway, here is my sidekick option..Zack Barrows to the uncompromising Nathaniel Cade (the President's Vampire written by Christopher Farnsworth). Zack is a cocky and ambitious political asset to the President's cabinet until he has a relationship with the President's daughter. That's a big NO-NO in my book, too. Zack is tranferred out of the Oval office to be the new laison between the President and (folks not in the know) everyone else and the magic bound vampire. Cade is tough, scary to Zack's cockiness and cynicism about the world. I enjoy both characters very much. Zack tries to look out for Cade (a vampire) who totally can take care of himslf. Good read.

    1. You girly should copy and paste this for a Goodreads review. I'm very tempted to pick up this series.