Monday, January 7, 2013

JC's Book Haven gave Soul Walker 4 STARS!

"I started reading two books at the same time and this one just took over the minute I picked it up. I greatly enjoyed getting to know Anna and all of her quirks...The story is different and not one even similar to something I have read before. The main character is too set apart from anyone I have come across previously. Jones' voice is soothing and I came away from the book glad I had delved into Anna's head..."

Go check out JC's Book Haven for the full review, and stay to read up on other authors making their way through this crazy world that is the book biz.

Also, hop on over to PRUF Reads for my 4.5 Star review by texxie.

"...While Soul Walker is a paranormal read, a YA romance, there is a new twist on the heroine. Outside of the paranormal reasons for this and that, her gifts, her strengths, Anna is autistic. The fact that Anna is autistic, created a richness that blended so well, adding charm to a teen heroine in a genre where most are rendered fragile, needy and in desperate search of thee boy to 'complete them'..."

I'm a fan of Soul Walker's Anna Pierce, sure I wrote her, but she's been a part of my life for a while now, so in that writer-crazed head of mine, we're friends. And I get to share her story with you guys.

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