Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fae Books is throwing a MASSIVE 69 Prize Giveaway!!!

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 Hello, Fae Books is throwing a "Massive 69 Prize Giveaway"
where there are 69 prizes
from 15 awesome Authors,
meaning LOTS of winners!
This giveaway opens on:
Tuesday Feb 19th at 12:00am UK Time (GMT)

The giveaway closes on:
Tuesday April 2nd at 12:00am UK Time (GMT) 
 Sponsoring Authors:
(Click the names to view their Amazon Author Pages)
S K Whiteside
Ashley Lavering
Amy Keen
Renee Curtis
Ashley Torbeck
Amanda Torrey
Melissa A Smith
R A Sears
M L Stephens
K M Dylan
M R Polish
Karen Dales
Tabitha Short
James Crawford
Lindsay Anne Kendal
JM Schroder

Each winner gets one prize, aside from the two "sets" mentioned at the very top, you get one set of a book and matching poster, both signed, per winner (2 winners = 2 sets).
Check out the action at Fae Books!

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