Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Revealing yourself in your writing

Back when my life was all about painting and drawing, I loved putting a title to my work. That one little thing had so much power. You could really hit the viewer and make them go deep, or you could leave it up to them. I went the deep route, the route that gave anyone looking a pass into my hidden away thoughts and emotions. Then of course, I freaked out about all the looky-loos peaking into my private world. I felt too exposed.

Now I'm a writer. But how much am I sharing or hiding away in storylines? When writers write, where are they drawing from? If you read a single chapter of a history book you'll see that even nonfiction exposes the heart of the writer. Sure, they don't use exclamation points, but let me tell you, they are damn excited about their subject matter.

When you're creating something, anything, do you want to be seen? Or simply watch as others see?

(Note: photo by Kati Garner @stock.xchng, uploaded 12/10/08)


  1. Depends. When I am writing nonfiction, I try hard to keep myself out of it and only interject specifically if it adds to the article. In my fiction and especially my poetry I expose my "soul" knowingly and unabashedly. Of course, I only share those parts I want to share and am comfortable with ;-). You?

    1. I wrote poetry in college, but I enjoyed turning what should be serious into something attempt to cloud the view into my soul. I guess I like to watch others see.

  2. BTW. I like the brevity and insightfulness of your post!