Friday, February 8, 2013

The tacos are back! robgirlbooks' Review of Bitter Blood

Bitter Blood
by Rachel Caine
416 pages
Published by NAL Hardcover
Borrowed from the library
(spoilers ahead if you haven't read the previous books)

We start book 13 with a recipe for disaster. Michael and Eve are married. Shane is totally devoted to Claire. Claire is a member of the disillusioned Morganville human population. And the vampires are free from their bogeyman.

No one is happy about a human/vampire marriage, especially the humans. Amelie has taken up with Oliver and starts viewing humans as he difficult, chatty food. True to form for Rachel Caine, trouble brews from the start and everyone turns to Claire to fix it, even though no one knows what it is yet. I forgot to mention the fact that ghosts have up and decided it's haunting season!

I loved this book. First off, family dinner night is back. I missed that in the last couple installments. I understand that they couldn't stop running for their lives to have a sit down at the dining room table, but I missed the banter the foursome always exchanged around food. So in Bitter Blood we get tacos. Yay! Also, there are some nice lovey-dovey moments with the two couples...until boom. I'm not going to tell you what boom, but I loved it. I needed the shake up. And man, I tore through the pages after that. There wasn't as much Myrnin as I would have liked, but Caine threw in POV's from both Oliver and Myrnin, which added wonderful insight. Their voices were distinctly that of their characters and I wanted more.

Here are the two aspects that pulled me away from the story. One, when a bad vampire is about to die, I figure let him die. Don't stand in the way; don't risk your life for him. I'm a little Dirty Harry about bad guys. Shoot em' in the back? You betcha! Can you imagine Clint Eastwood saying you betcha? He'd say it all raspy and cool with a heavyweight gun pointed at you. I think the Glass House gang could use a little Dirty Harry now and then. The other thing, when the bad guys set out to kill someone, why does it have to be an opera?

Bitter Blood is a great addition to the Morganville series and a welcome change of pace from the breakneck storylines of the last two books. And best of all, there is much Glass House banter. Good stuff, I'm telling you. If you're a fan of my favorite small town in the middle of "everything is bigger in Texas" hit this book hard. If you're new and worried about taking on a 13 book series (with Fall of Night coming May 7) dive into Glass Houses. It's on my re-read-cause-I-love-it shelf.

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