Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I Want to hug this adorable bear! robgirlbooks' Children's Book Review of Faux Paw by Julia Dweck

Faux Paw
Written by Julia Dweck
Illustrated by Walter Carzon
Published by Xist Publishing (10/22/13)
Children's digital
(author sent me an e-copy for an honest review)

Sometimes a children's book serves the parent as much as the child. Faux Paw is that book. Little Waldon Bear is in the wonderful animal stage. Where my four year old boy pretends to be a cat day and night, Waldon wants to be a bear. He tells this to his set-in-her-ways teacher. She shuts him down, but when he gets home his observant mother asks him what's wrong. Because she's so awesome, she makes him a bear costume and gives him a permission slip to be a bear at school. Oh, does this irk his teacher. When another child in the class decides to act like an animal too, the teacher blames our cute little bear and calls his mother. Guess who gets put in her place? Yep, the teacher, and in the best way!

Faux Paw was a delight to read and read and read because my son insisted, "Again, again!" We also had great fun with the bear facts page and the match the animal print page. The takeaway lessons are to celebrate creativity, allow children to explore who they want to be, pay attention and ask your kids what's wrong when their behavior is off, stand up for what you believe in, and finally support who you believe in. I just loved this book!


  1. That is so lovely, Robyn. Children's books have a special place in my heart. These books are so 'simply' written in the first glance, but if you look closer, there are strong lessons that a kid can learn. And I love that.
    After all I have a written a children's book when I was a kid myself. :) I really love it.
    Here is the link https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16152732-the-angel-of-christmas

    1. Hi Athina, I didn't realize you wrote a children's story. I wrote one too, but it was so very bad. And it made me cry my eyes out every time I read it. I have a feeling I'll sneak kid books even when the youngest has moved on, they are so fun. How is the Jo Nesbo book going? I'm doing the clean out your e-reader challenge next month. That will be an adventure.

    2. The Nesbo book is good. It's a little different than the others, because the story is about Nazi, but the more I read the more I like it. Harry Hole is still an amazing character.

      Ooh, clean out your e-reader sounds good.
      Have a beautiful day, Robyn.

  2. I agree, very often, children's books are almost even better for parents than for children. So are some children's movies. There are several layers, don't you think? I love how there are so many things to discover in books that aren't necessarily made for me :)

    Great review, Robyn! I hope you're doing well! *hugs*

    1. John loves his books so much, I'm having a blast. We get ten books a week at the library. Some end up being duds and I can't get past page three and he's so cute about it. "You can't read any more, Mom?" "I can't, John." "Because it hurts your head?" "Yes." I'm crazy about kid movies too!

      I hope your well too, Lexxie. We're struggling a bit, but we're still singing and dancing around.

  3. I agree with you about picture books serving the parent - thus my habit of continuing to read them. :) This one sounds like something you really needed this week (I've read your TOL post). And I think I may check it out as well. I love the idea of allowing our children to be who they are. I strive to allow my children to be themselves and to validate them for it.

    I'm sending *hugs* your way, Robyn!!

    1. You're right. This book hit the spot right when I needed it. Funny how I have my grown up read that takes me out of my world and my children's read that makes me feel good being in this world. Thanks for the hugs. I've been snagging as many hugs from the boys as I can get.