Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mini-Review Marathon! Cat and Bones, Rook and Ronin, oh baby, hot stuff!

I've been a greedy reader, taking, taking, taking and not giving back. I'll be vague because the lesson learned here is do the review right away, not a month later.

5 STARS for One Foot in the Grave (Nigh Huntress book 2) by Jeaniene Frost jumps right into the action. Cat starts off lonely and deadly, but at least she has her mom. Yay! The relationship between Cat and her mom is one of my favorite parts of this series because the mom is a total shit and Cat is learning she should be pissed about it. Bones is a shining knight in this installment. There's a lot of "that's my man" drama, but no one does jealous girlfriend like Cat. Oh, the girl cracks me up. And no one does hardcore sex scenes like Bones. Whoa. If you love adult paranormal romance, this one throws in humor and gore. How cool is that?

4.5 STARS for At Grave's End (Night Huntress book 3) is one massive roller coaster. We meet mega players in the vamp world along with a few of Bones' old vamp buddies. I had a couple issues with this installment, namely a crush that turned bloody infuriating and a whole lot of twists and turns that sometimes didn't add up for me. The battle scenes rocked. The relationship between Cat and Bones is like a paranormal romance staple for me. When things are messed up with my favorite couples from other series, I can hit Night Huntress and swoon over these two violent, possessive soul mates.

4 STARS for NA contemporary romance Tragic by J.A. Huss. You can catch my full review for Tragic on PRUF Reads, but I will tell you this, from the very beginning, I felt connected to Rook. She's not my typical favorite character, but her vulnerability and determination to survive her past carried me through the story. And Ronin had such a strange mix of qualities I kept running through labels for him, controlling, gentle, caring, slutty. Maybe he's all of them, but I like him a lot.


  1. You know, I think it's mighty fine to be a greedy reader sometimes! ;)

    Love your mini-reviews, Robyn. I, too, love Cat & Bones and you're so right about their relationship. Frost really does it well, I think. Ah, just reading the little bit there makes me want to jump into the books again. Alas, I have others books that MUST come first. *sigh* LOL And Rook & Ronin...well, I just love 'em. But you gotta read Manic! I'll be starting Panic in a couple of days and I can't wait. But Manic was even better than Tragic. I giggled at you calling Ronin slutty...yeah, I guess he kinda is. LOL But that whole other side of him...*swoon* AND YOU HAVE TO GET TO KNOW SPENCER BETTER AND MEET FORD!!!!! *fans self* Seriously hot trifecta of men in Manic...I promise! ;)

    Happy Monday! Oh, did you get your white mocha yesterday? I was thinking I should go down to my local coffee shop and have a mocha with you over skype! LOL Have a great week!

    1. Skyping over a white mocha would be so fun! I did escape to the coffee shop then a really loud talker came in. I mean this guy filled the empty place and parked right in front of the big screen TV. I arrived home right when the Seahawks ate dirt. Talk about battlefield. Oh, the swearing and stomping. I've decided football is too stressful. People get so upset.

      Why didn't I include a review for Manic? I'm losing my mind. I read it and you are sooo right about all the swooning. I'm crazy about Spencer and Ford. Especially Ford because he's a serious mess. And what is up with the ending?! I think you should have a few spoilers in your review.

  2. Excellent mini reviews!! I love what you said about returning to a staple couple - I do that all the time :D I love these two together as well and feel the same about them! I also really enjoy Huss so I'm thrilled that you found that one such a good book. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven.

    1. Thanks, Jaclyn! I'm so behind on my reviews. I have books 2-6 of Kate Daniels that I still haven't written up. I just went from one to the next. You guys keep doing posts on all these awesome books and I can't stop adding them. I think there will be a run of mini-reviews for the near future.